ERIS DPH INOX LED Eco Klimakammer

The ERIS DPH INOX LED Eco and ERIS DPH ECOLine are climate chambers for the cultivation of Drosophila and entomology.

  • Gross capacity (liters): 150, 250, 450, 850, 1340
  • Configurable parameters: CO2, humidity control, LED lighting, temperature control

General specifications

Designed for the study of Drosophila, bees, pupae, moths, G. Mellonella, BVES, arachnids and general entomology.
Uniform vertical or horizontal air flow on all shelves, with speed control approx. 0.2 – 0.8 m/s.
Temperature control (ERIS DPH INOX LED models): Temperature range from +10ºC to +55ºC, with light on/off.
Temperature and humidity control (ERIS DPH HR INOX LED models): Humidity control: working range from 30 % to 95 % relative humidity (+/- 3 %), with light on/off.

Technical specifications

  • Temperature control panel and other parameters with 7.0″ TFT touchscreen.
  • Ultrasonic humidifier and horizontal air circulation system.
  • Safety thermostat, prevents the temperature from being exceeded.
  • Electronic probe for measuring humidity (4-20 mA) with an accuracy/stability of +/- 3 %.

Technical specifications of the lighting

  • Possible light positions: on the door (LED), on the door and rear (2S) or on the trays (1/2/3/4 L).
  • 2 independent LED light channels with one-to-one control: Channel 1 warm white light. Channel 2 cold white light.
  • Light intensity control from 5 to 120 μMol/m² x s PAR for warm white LED (2800 K) (12,000 lux). Optionally up to 1,800 μMol/m² x s.