These industries count on Clitec - As a partner

Our customers include renowned research institutes in environmental simulation and their special fields as well as companies in industry, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and chemistry.

Expertise, flexibility and reliability

In addition to a high-quality product range, from which we offer you a solution specifically geared to the requirements of the industry, individual customer service is very important to us. Technical support is one of our core services. Specifically aligned to the conditions, requirements and framework conditions of the respective industry. As a company, we move forward and are always open to new industries. Do you have a new application? Do you want to find the solution to your challenge together with us? Then get in touch with us! We will be happy to advise you!


With our products, we cover a variety of applications and uses, specifically geared to the industry. From small cabinets for simpler tests to walk-in test chambers for more complex testing. Always focused on reliability, an important criteria in the industry. Our equipment complies with the latest standards, meets demanding conditions and is easy to operate. This also applies to customer-specific systems. We offer everything out of one hand. This way, you have exactly one contact person. We coordinate, handle details competently and take work off your hands. This allows you to focus on your core activity.



With our FitoClima climatic chambers and climatic test chambers as well as temperature control devices, we offer suitable solutions for scientific applications in the fields of plant growth, insect culture, tissue culture, seeds and other biological applications. Our products are the right choice in the biotechnology sector wherever a controlled climate with temperature, humidity and lighting is required. We offer solutions of all sizes, from mass-produced devices and chambers to custom-made chambers that fill the given space to the maximum. This is highly appreciated by universities, technical colleges and research institutes.



The FitoClima stability test chambers meet the requirements of the International Conference of Harmonization (ICH) and are characterized by very high accuracy and reliability. Our devices allow to simulate climatic conditions exactly, this reproducibly over years. Data logging is compliant with ICH Q1A (stability) and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 (compliance) regulations. Flexible shelf configuration allows efficient use of interior space. This allows you to test different container sizes simultaneously and in a space-optimized manner.



Since the establishment of our company, we have gradually built our presence in the Swiss market and placed our high quality products. Some of our customers are world market leaders in their sectors – our equipment has contributed to their success. Researching and developing new products and processes is a costly and risky undertaking. That’s why our customers value expert advice to determine the right equipment and systems, and furthermore to introduce them safely in the environment, from research laboratories to ATEX-protected production.



We accompany you through the entire development process from the first trials to the introduction of mass production. For the industrialization of your product, we work with proven suppliers and can offer you individual parts, pre-assembled devices or even complete equipment, exactly according to your needs, documented in compliance with the requirements of national and international legislation.



Characteristic for the aerospace industry is a very high development effort and the production of small quantities, often only prototypes. The high requirements constantly redefine the limits of what is technically feasible. In our FitoClima stability chambers, you can test climatic influencing factors such as temperature, humidity, light or ultraviolet light – flexibly controlled over wide ranges – to find out the material properties in basic research or to test a prototype before it is manufactured in pilot series.