Biotechnology - From seed to harvest. From the cell to the living being.

Check growth. Test light. Control humidity.

Growth conditions optimally simulated - Clitec offers solutions for biotechnology

With our FitoClima climatic chambers and climatic test chambers as well as temperature control devices, we offer suitable solutions for scientific applications in the fields of plant growth, insect culture, tissue culture, seeds and other biological applications. Our products are the right choice in the biotechnology sector wherever a controlled climate with temperature, humidity and lighting is required. We offer solutions of all sizes, from mass-produced devices and chambers to customized chambers that fill the given space to the maximum. This is highly appreciated by universities, technical colleges and research institutes.

You tell us your research field, the experimental setups and the spatial conditions. We will find a suitable solution for you, coordinate the project with our suppliers as well as with your engineering and install the equipment in cooperation with the operating service. Suggestions for optimizing experimental setups and training of your staff included. Special version? Automatic irrigation? Cryogenic storage? We will gladly do it for you!

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Video - FitoClima HP High Performance Plant Growth Chamber, Aralab


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