Huber special solutions for temperature control applications, beer forcing test thermostats

Special solutions for temperature control applications

Such as beer forcing test, compact circulating heaters for installation in systems or high-precision calibration baths for sensors and measuring devices.

Special solutions for temperature control applications

For our solutions, we work with Huber as a supplier and develop a solution tailored to your needs from the wide range of products.

We use the following products for special solutions in temperature control technology:

  • Beer forcing test thermostats
  • Calibration baths
  • Circulating heaters
  • Circulating heat exchanger
  • Special equipment

Our product range

Beer forced thermostats | BFT

We offer a special heat/cold thermostat for the beer forcing test. The device is equipped with a programmer for automatic temperature cycles. Temperature changes between 0 and 60 °C every 24 hours cause the beer to age artificially. All models correspond to security class III (FL). The housing and all parts that come into contact with the liquid are made of high-quality stainless steel.

Huber special solutions for temperature control applications

Dynamic temperature control systems


Calibration baths | Unical

Calibration baths are used in quality assurance in industry and research. The modular concept is based on the combination of a calibration bath with a Unistat. This determines the temperature range and the rate of temperature change. The stainless steel calibration bath is constructed like a calorimeter and enables good homogeneity. Calibration baths with a diameter of 118 millimeters and a bath depth of 384 millimeters are available for calibrating measuring and control sensors. The calibration room is freely accessible and symmetrically constructed. The upper edge is designed for thread direction finding with glass thermometers and on the other hand forms a tight seal for customer-specific bath covers.

Huber calibration baths | unique

1.Huber calibration baths | unique

Circulating Heaters | Hotbox HB

Circulation heaters with Pilot ONE for temperature control of externally open systems in a compact design and suitable for installation in systems. With circulation pump made of stainless steel. Adjustable excess temperature protection according to DIN 12876.

Huber circulation heaters | Hot box HB

1.Huber circulation heaters | Hot box HB

Circulating heat exchanger | HTS

HTS heat exchanger system with circulation pump for connection to an existing cooling water supply on the primary side. These compact chillers provide a cooling circuit with stable pressure and flow rate as well as a precisely adjustable working temperature. The cooling capacity is generated with a plate heat exchanger via the connected cooling water. Since there is no active refrigeration machine, the devices run quietly and save energy and represent an inexpensive alternative to conventional chillers. The HTS heat exchangers are suitable for precise temperature control of external applications such as Peltier elements, bioreactors, etc.

Circulating heat exchanger | HTS

1.Circulation heat exchanger | HTS

The realization of customer-specific special devices is one of our strengths. We have already successfully implemented customer projects in numerous industries. Many customers appreciate our flexibility and innovative strength, with which we solve individual requirements.

Huber special equipment construction

Our products are technologically leading when it comes to the temperature control of scientific test setups, research facilities or industrial production processes. But there are also areas of application in many other sectors. Typical applications include, for example, stress tests on mechanical or electronic components or temperature-dependent tests on food, cosmetic products and building materials, as well as the simulation of environmental conditions and aging processes.

If you need a temperature control solution specially adapted to your needs, then contact us. We would be happy to advise you personally and present you with suitable solutions or show you reference projects that have already been implemented with comparable requirements.

Another special area for our temperature control products is the integration into systems. We offer flexible solutions for installing our heating and cooling systems in test benches, machines, industrial plants, production facilities, medical devices, analysis systems and much more.

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