Stirling Ultracold - the laboratory freezing experts

The world's highest performing, most efficient and most reliable laboratory freezers in the industry offer advantages for the entire organization.

Environmentally friendly ultra-low storage solutions down to below -80 °C

Stirling Ultracold is the first company in the world to apply free-piston Stirling technology, developed at NASA and proven over many years, to cryogenics. Striling Ultracold has thus reached temperatures as low as -80 °C. The technology enables significant energy savings and offers true environmental sustainability to boot. These freezers are the first to use all natural refrigerants and the SU780XLE is the first ULT freezer to be ENERGY STAR® qualified. This innovative free-piston Stirling engine enables true sustainability in the laboratory.

Stirling Ultracold (ULT) freezers are sold worldwide to customers in the life sciences, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, non-profit and clinical research sectors.

Video - Stirling technology saves energy costs, Stirling Ultracold