Quality assurance: Stability testing of biotechnological products with Clitec test chambers

Stability testing plays a critical role in maintaining the quality, efficacy and safety of biotechnology products during their intended storage period. Biotechnological products consisting mainly of proteins and polypeptides are extremely sensitive to various environmental factors that can affect their stability. To perform accurate and reliable stability tests, it is essential to use advanced and precision-controlled equipment. Clitec test chambers, known for their exceptional performance and innovative features, offer an ideal solution for stability testing of biotechnology products.

Precise temperature control

Temperature fluctuations can have a significant impact on the stability of biotechnological products. Clitec test chambers provide precise temperature control to ensure that the desired temperature is accurately maintained throughout the test period. The chambers provide a stable and uniform temperature environment that allows researchers to evaluate the stability of the product under different temperature profiles. This precision in temperature control allows accurate evaluation of degradation kinetics and determination of appropriate storage conditions.

Humidity control

Some biotechnology products are sensitive to changes in moisture content. Clitec test chambers feature advanced humidity control that allows researchers to precisely control moisture content and simulate specific humidity conditions. This feature is critical for evaluating the stability of products that need to be protected from high or low moisture levels during storage. By maintaining stable and controlled humidity conditions, Clitec test chambers allow accurate evaluation of the effect of humidity on product stability.

Light protection

Exposure to light can degrade biotechnology products and lead to losses in efficacy and quality. Clitec test chambers are equipped with light blocking features that effectively protect samples from harmful light. This feature ensures that stability tests accurately reflect real-world storage conditions and allow researchers to evaluate the product’s susceptibility to light-induced degradation. By providing light protection, Clitec test chambers contribute to the generation of reliable stability data for biotechnological products.

Customizable test parameters

Stability testing requirements may vary depending on the specific characteristics of biotechnology products. Clitec test chambers offer flexibility in setting and adjusting test parameters, allowing researchers to tailor conditions to meet the unique requirements of their products. This adaptability ensures that stability testing is performed under the most relevant and appropriate conditions, resulting in reliable and meaningful data. Researchers can optimize temperature, humidity and light exposure profiles to accurately simulate real-world storage conditions.

Data logging and monitoring

Accurate and comprehensive data collection is critical for stability testing. Clitec test chambers feature advanced data logging and monitoring systems that capture key parameters such as temperature, humidity and light exposure. These chambers provide accurate and reliable data on the environmental conditions in the chamber during the stability test. The collected data can be analyzed to evaluate the stability profile of the product, detect deviations from expected behavior, and make informed decisions regarding storage conditions and shelf life determination.

Compliance with regulatory standards

Biotechnology products are subject to strict regulatory requirements. Clitec test chambers are designed to meet international guidelines and regulations for stability testing, so the stability data generated with these chambers meets regulatory standards. This compliance facilitates the approval process for marketing applications, as the data generated can convincingly demonstrate product stability and compliance with regulatory requirements.


Stability testing is an essential step in ensuring the quality, efficacy and safety of biotechnology products during their intended storage period. Clitec test chambers provide an excellent solution for stability testing, offering precise temperature and humidity control, light protection, customizable test parameters and advanced data logging features. By using Clitec test chambers, researchers can reliably evaluate the stability of biotech products, generate meaningful data and meet regulatory requirements. These chambers help maintain the quality and efficacy of biotechnology products and enable successful commercialization of these important therapeutic compounds.


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