Optimization in industrial temperature control technology: A closer look at solutions from Clitec GmbH



In the complex world of industrial production, precise temperature control is essential. Clitec GmbH works closely with industry leader Peter Huber Kältetechnik SE. This blog takes a closer look at Clitec GmbH’s significant role in providing advanced temperature solutions that meet the diverse needs of sectors such as chemicals, automotive, plastics processing, food production, cosmetics and rubber manufacturing.

Contribution from Clitec GmbH:

Clitec GmbH plays a decisive role in the provision of intelligent and resource-efficient temperature control solutions. Huber thermostats are indispensable for cost-efficient and reproducible temperature results. Huber temperature control systems are used in industries such as chemical companies, automotive manufacturers, plastics processors, food producers, cosmetics companies and tire and rubber manufacturers.

Key products for industrial temperature control with Clitec:

1. dynamic temperature control systems: Unistat series (Tango, Grande Fleur, Petite Fleur)

The Unistat series offered by Clitec GmbH provides dynamic temperature control systems for precise temperature regulation for external applications. With a temperature range of -125 °C to +425 °C, the Unistats ensure rapid temperature changes and stable process conditions for research laboratories through to production facilities.

2. circulation coolers and immersion coolers: Unichiller, Minichiller, Rotacool

Clitec GmbH supplies sustainable and environmentally friendly cooling solutions through the Unichiller series for applications with cooling circuits and for numerous laboratory applications. With a temperature range from -25 °C to +100 °C, we offer cooling solutions with cooling capacities from 0.3 to 50 KW with low costs and water consumption.

3. bath and circulation thermostats: KISS, Ministat, Compatible Control

Bathroom and circulation thermostats are shown in the thermostat program at Clitec GmbH with CC models and simpler KISS models. These laboratory thermostats cover heating tasks up to +300 °C, while models with a cooling unit can handle heating and cooling tasks from -90 °C to +200 °C. Huber Ministats are the smallest refrigerated circulators in the world. With their small dimensions, the devices can be operated in the tightest of spaces, for example in a fume cupboard or within technical systems.

4th Unimotive series for temperature control in the automotive industry at clitec

The Unimotive range is a pioneering solution for precise temperature control in the automotive industry. Specially designed for applications with a water-ethylene glycol mixture for operation down to -45 °C, these models are used for temperature simulations, material tests and temperature-dependent stress/load tests for batteries and automotive components.

The “Flow Control Cube” developed for this purpose enables precise flow rate measurement/control and can also generally be used in conjunction with Huber temperature control units with Pilot ONE.

In summary, these products are ideal for test setups, temperature simulations, material tests, temperature-dependent stress and load tests for batteries, automotive components, battery tests, transmission and bearing evaluations, as well as for climate and vacuum chamber temperature control. With outstanding thermodynamics and proven Unistat technology, they maximize efficiency in industrial processes and reproducible temperature results in quality control are guaranteed.


For industrial temperature control processes, Clitec GmbH thus offers customized solutions for specific requirements and ensures efficiency in various industries.