Climat chambers customized

In addition to the manufacturing and distribution of standard systems, we plan and produce also special equipment according to your needs and requirements.

Completed customer requests:

  • Automotive Airbag deployment testing chamber
  • Automotive Airbag Temperature testing chamber
  • Automotive Door Lock resistance testing
  • Combined Climatic and Resistance testing of Wiring and Cables
  • Combined Climatic and Vibration testing on Multi-Axial Shaker
  • Combined Temperature and Vibration Testing
  • Combined Vibration and Climatic testing on automated 3 position platform
  • Curing of concrete samples
  • Freeze – Thaw cycles for building materials
  • Sun and Climate Simulator for automotive testing
  • U-Value measurement Hot-Box
  • Water Spray and Splash Protection (IPxX) testing
  • etc.