• Greatly improved storage efficiency due to the sensible division of the storage space.
  • Optimized vacuum insulation material plus PU foamed keep-warm wall provides unparalleled insulation performance that greatly improves keep-warm performance.
  • Original import compressor plus auto cascade refrigeration system with mixed refrigerants provides stable temperature cycle of -90 °C and improves fume hood by 35 % Ergonomic lock plus optional padlock provide more ease of use. The standard electronic code lock can be unlocked both by card reading and fingerprint. Compared to the upright models, the chest models have improved fume hood performance and temperature uniformity by 26 % and 57 %, respectively. During storage/retrieval, the middle and lower chambers can remain in the set temperature range, and temperature fluctuations occur only in the upper chamber (time for recovery to -75 °C<10min).
  • Product parameters:
    ULT freezer
    Model: MDF-C590 VX
    Temperature range: -50℃~-90℃
  • External dimensions (W×D×H): 2020×948×1076 mm
    Inner dimensions (W×D×H): 1200×640×740 mm
  • Capacity: 580L
    Net weight: 335 kg
  • Rated input power: 1338W
    Other series models: MDF-U692 VX、MDF-U792 VX