Energy-Saving Ultra-Low freezer SU780XLE - The big one

Best-in-class performance WITH 100 % NATURAL COOLING AGENT

With our innovative free-piston Stirling engine and unique modulated cooling technology, Stirling freezers provide unprecedented temperature stability and uniformity in daily operation. The SU780XLE’s remarkable temperature uniformity and stability has been confirmed by industry-standard test procedures using the EPA ENERGY STAR® Final Test Method reporting format.


Our revolutionary energy-saving ultra-low temperature freezers feature:

  • ±1 °C Temperature stability in steady-state operation
  • 100 % adaptive control, which allows faster cooling of the temperature and recovery after the opening of the door.
  • The highest storage volume per square meter of floor area used
  • Can be plugged into any power outlet in the world, including standard 110 V and 240 V outlets
  • Modulated cooling technology eliminates on/off cycles and improves reliability and quality of cooling
  • Broadest cooling temperature range: -20 to -86 °C


Special advantages of Stirling Ultracold SU780XLE ultra-low temperature freezer:

  • Low-maintenance free-piston Stirling engine
  • Extremely stable temperatures from -20 to -86 °C
  • 70 to 75 % energy saving compared to conventional freezers
  • 780 liters storage volume
  • 100 % natural refrigerants
  • Suitable for ambient temperatures up to +35 °C


Industry leading warranty

We know how important the reliability of ultra-low temperature storage is to your research process. For this reason, we offer a limited warranty (USA) for our SU780XLE and SU105UE freezers, which includes the following:

  • Seven-year warranty on free-piston Stirling motor and thermosiphon parts
  • Two-year warranty on materials and labor (see PDF)
  • Extended warranty options


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