The ULT-25NEU Ultra-low freezer - Suitable for Transport and Shipping

Best-in-class performance with 100 % natural refrigerant

With our innovative free-piston Stirling engine and unique modulated cooling technology, Stirling refrigerator provide unprecedented temperature stability and uniformity in daily operation.


Particular advantages of the portable device Stirling Ultracold ULT-25NEU:

  • Easy to transport thanks to an empty weight of 21 kg
  • Extremely stable temperatures from -20 to -86 °C
  • Mains connection: 12 V and 240 V
  • Capacity: 25 liters or 1800 vials
  • Smallest dimensions in its class
  • Suitable for transport and shipping
  • Ideal for clinical use, as very quiet
  • Minimum energy consumption


Industry Leading Warranty

We know how important the reliability of ultra-low temperature storage is to your research process. For this reason, we offer a limited warranty (USA) for our SU780XLE and SU105UE freezers, which includes the following:

  • Seven-year warranty on free-piston Stirling motor and thermosiphon parts
  • Two-year warranty on materials and labor (see PDF)
  • Extended warranty options


Video - Portable ultra-low freezer ULT-25NEU, Stirling Ultracold


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