Drying of materials, components and samples.

The VACUCELL® series is characterized by a noiseless operation and fine heating

It is intended for complete drying of materials, components and samples to constant weight in vacuum with possible protective atmosphere in inert gas and provides uniform and safe drying of thermolabile, oxidation-sensitive or powder materials in laboratories, as well as products of complicated shape with many holes and threads in the industry.

Internal volume: 22, 55,111 liters

Temperature range: from 5 °C above ambient temperature to 250 °C

window in the door

Penetration ∅ 40 mm with opening in the superstructure

inert gas connection

Large-area door pressure relief valve “Ventiflex”

Inner chamber: stainless steel DIN 1.4571 (AISI 316 Ti)

Aluminum shelves Servotherm with the direct heat immersion system (conduction)


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