Hot air sterilization of medical devices and materials.

  • The STERICELL® device is used for the hot-air sterilization of medical devices and materials at specified temperature and time parameters. It features a silent gait as well as a fine, patent-protected forced air circulation system in the chamber

    with the help of a built-in fan that eliminates the creation of a “cold air zone”. Bulk and sediment-forming substances can be processed in closed bottles. The device is suitable for medical and veterinary practices, clinics and hospitals, pharmacies, polyclinics, laboratories.
    It is a medical device that complies with EU Directive number 93/42/EEC.

    Internal volume: 22, 55, 111, 222, 404 liters
    (Through design only for the volumes 202 and 404 l) Temperature range: from 10 °C above the ambient temperature to 250 °C Inner chamber: stainless steel DIN 1.4301 (AISI 304)
    Version for clean rooms on request


    The STERICELL® device meets the highest demands for quality, speed, simple and convenient operation and safety.
    The log of individual sterilization batches with real-time data can be clearly printed out using the printer or saved on the PC using the special WarmComm software.
    The interior layout of the chamber allows for rearranging screens or shelves and inserting different sized materials for the best possible use of interior space.
    The STERICELL® with the volume of 222
    and 404 liters you can get in a single-door
    or a lay-through version with the possibility of installation between the impure ones
    and pure zones. To monitor sterilization effectiveness, we offer process and hot air chemical sterilization indicators.


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