Growth of cell cultures, tissues and for other cultivation processes.

  • The latest generation of CO2 incubators is designed for constant and reproducible conditions for the growth of cell cultures, tissues and other cultivation processes.

    The direct heating system eliminates the need for fans and subsequently the risk of vibration and cross-contamination. The non-deviating infrared sensor is extremely reliable and accurate in measuring throughout the process. Thanks to the unique hexagonal directly heated chamber, installation and maintenance are very easy. The inner glass door is sealed against the chamber insulation, allowing samples to be inspected without sacrificing indoor conditions.

    The outer door is also sealed with a separate outer seal.
    Many useful options support the device features,
    such as sterilization at 200 °C while the CO2 / O2 sensor is inside the
    Unit remains, multi-pane inner door to minimize losses
    internal chamber conditions after door opening, controlled oxygen volume, etc.

    Internal volume: 50, 190 liters
    Operating temperature: 1 °C above ambient up to 50 °C Unguided relative humidity: up to 95 % RH at 37 °C
    CO2 concentration: 0.2 % to 20 %
    CO2 sensor: Infrared sensor with no deviations (IR) Interior: Standard: Stainless steel DIN 1.4571, (AISI 304)
    Comfort: stainless steel DIN 1.4571 (AISI 316)

    MMM Group CO<sub>2</sub>CELL


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