WALK-IN Climatic Chamber

The WALK-IN CHAMBER and WALKINLine are larger designs with significant capacities suitable for handling large batches of samples. They offer fully customized designs tailored to the client’s available space. These chambers enable precise control of various parameters such as temperature, humidity, light intensity, CO2 levels, and irrigation according to the specific requirements of the customer.


  • Gross capacity (liters): Up to 60,000 liters, starting from 2000 liters
  • Configurable parameters: Air flow, CO2, Humidity Control, LED Lighting, Temperature Control

General Specifications

  • Designed for a wide range of applications requiring temperature and/or humidity control across various sectors.
  • Applications include pharmaceutical stability testing, plant growth experiments, Arabidopsis research, stability control in food and beverage industries, algae cultivation, entomology studies (including Drosophila), small animal husbandry, low-temperature chambers with photoperiod control, tissue culture, refrigerated incubators, seed drying chambers, forensic applications, and more.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Temperature range from +4ºC to +60ºC.
  • TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY CONTROL: Humidity control ranging from 30 % to 98 % relative humidity.

Technical Specifications

  • Temperature control panel and other parameters are accessible via a 7.0″ TFT touch screen.
  • Optional ultrasonic humidity generator and horizontal airflow recirculation system.
  • Safety thermostat prevents temperature overshooting.
  • Electronic probe ensures precise humidity measurement (4-20 mA) with stability of +/- 3 % in models equipped with humidity control.
  • Various light configurations available, including positions on the door, door and rear, or trays.
  • 2 independent LED light channels with one-to-one regulation: Channel 1 for warm white light, and Channel 2 for cool white light.
  • Light intensity can be controlled from 10 to 180 μMol/m² x s PAR, optionally up to 1,800 μMol/m² x s.