Reach-In Temperature Shock Test Chamber FitoTerm 150CTE2

The FitoTerm 150CTE2 temperature shock test chamber provides highly accurate and reproducible conditions for shock testing specifically in the areas of:

  • Electronics, automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Material testing, building materials
  • Quality control


The FitoTerm 150CTE2 thermal shock test chamber has two independent chambers in one unit. The upper chamber is the heat chamber. It is heated by electric heating elements and with the built-in air circulation, uniform temperatures of up to 200 °C can be achieved. The lower chamber is the cold chamber. The adjustable ventilation allows a uniform temperature down to -75 °C. The test specimens are transported between the two chambers by an electromechanical lift.

  • Temperature range heating chamber: ambient temperature up to +200 °C

  • Temperature range cold chamber: -75 to +60 °C
  • Test chamber dimensions (H X W X D): 410 mm x 470 mm x 650 mm
  • Transfer time between chambers: ≤5 seconds, low vibration
  • Weight load of test specimens: 50 kg
  • Complies with international standards and requirements EN, IEC, DIN, ISO, NP and UNE


Temperature control is provided by the programmable, easy-to-use ClimaPlus V control system, developed by Aralab exclusively for its climate-controlled test chambers.

  • Independently controlled safety thermostats for high and low temperature, equipped with integrated alarms

  • Safety stop and blocking of the elevator when opening the doors

  • 3 temperature sensors PT 100 DIN class A, in air treatment tunnel of each chamber and one mobile sensor


Video - We create and simulate the climate, Aralab


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