Walkable high performance chambers Fitoclima 10000-25000HP

Especially for applications with high light intensity and a wide light spectrum in the areas:

  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Rice
  • Cotton
  • Coffee
  • Cork
  • Large and tall plants with a height of growth up to 2 meters


Equipped with intelligent overall control, this chamber can regulate influencing factors such as temperature, light and humidity with high accuracy. This allows a precise simulation of climatic environmental influences.

  • Test chamber volume: 10’000 and 25’000 liters
  • Temperature range: 5 to 45 °C
  • Humidity range: 40 to 90 %RH
  • Including multi-color touch screen controller ClimaPlus


Special benefit of high performance chambers Fitoclima 10000-25000HP:

  • Temperature, humidity, light intensity and airflow are controlled with constant precision. This allows reproducible conditions over years
  • One level, height adjustable to optimum distance from ceiling lights, with easily removable trays. The chamber can be ideally aligned to the application with different lighting as well as humidification and irrigation automation. For lighting, we use the latest generation of CMH lamps with full spectrum or the energy-saving and more flexible spectrum LED technology.
  • The thermal energy of the ceiling lights is dissipated through the separately cooled glazing. This allows growth chambers with the highest light intensities and stable climate
  • Open door alarm with configurable timeout function, content protection through configurable alarms and automatic notifications via email, remote access allows remote diagnostics and technical support


Video - FitoClima HP High Performance Plant Growth Chamber, Aralab


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