Walk-in Universal Research Chambers Fitoclima 5000-25000PL/PLH

Especially for applications with high light intensity and a wide light spectrum in the areas:

  • Tissue culture, in vitro
  • Experimental plants, arabidopsis
  • Seed breeding, germination
  • Algae research
  • Insect breeding, entomology
  • Other life science applications


Equipped with an intelligent overall control, this chamber regulates parameters such as temperature, light and humidity with high accuracy. This allows a precise simulation of climatic environmental factors.

  • Test chamber volume: 5000 to 25’000 liters
  • Temperature range: 0 to 45 °C
  • Humidity range: 40 to 90 %RH
  • Including multi-color touch screen controller ClimaPlus


Special benefit of universal research chambers 5000-25000PL/PLH:

  • Temperature, humidity, light intensity and airflow are controlled with constant precision. This allows reproducible conditions over years
  • Wide range of interior design possibilities thanks to multiple levels, with height-adjustable shelves and easily removable trays. Each level can be configured to the application with different lighting as well as humidification and irrigation systems
  • Open door alarm with configurable timeout function, content protection through configurable alarms and automatic notifications via email, remote access allows remote diagnostics and technical support


Video - FitoClima HP High Performance Plant Growth Chamber, Aralab


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