The unveiling of Clitec's Phyto Test chambers: A simple guide

In the dynamic world of plant research, where every seed holds the promise of discovery, the right environment can make all the difference. Clitec enters the stage with its Phyto Test chambers, offering simplicity and effectiveness for researchers delving into the mysteries of plant growth. Let’s stroll through the key features of these chambers and understand why they are important.

Understanding Clitec’s Phyto Test chambers

1. versatile chambers, customised for every need

Clitec’s Phyto Test chambers come in a variety of configurations, each designed for specific research needs. Whether it’s Arabidopsis testing, algae growth or forensic investigations, there’s a chamber to suit the challenge.

2. simple climate control at a glance

Clitec makes precision easy. The chambers are equipped with user-friendly controllers that allow researchers to fine-tune temperature and humidity with ease. The temperature range of +10º to +60º offers flexibility for a variety of experiments.

3. illuminate possibilities with intelligent lighting

The chambers feature intelligent LED lighting solutions. Researchers can adjust the intensity and spectrum of the light to mimic natural conditions. The ability to simulate sunrise and sunset adds a touch of realism to the controlled environment.

4. customised for specific applications

Phyto Test chambers find their place in various studies – from climatic tests to seed germination and forensic analyses. Clitec ensures customisation and allows researchers to adapt the camera settings to their specific experimental requirements.

5 Technical precision for reliable results

Precision is the foundation of Clitec’s chambers. Temperature control within +/- 0.2ºC and humidity of +/- 2 % RH ensure that researchers can rely on consistent and accurate results. The flexibility to choose between LED or fluorescent lamps provides another level of customisation.

Why Clitec’s Phyto Test chambers are game changers

In the realm of plant research, Clitec’s Phyto Test chambers offer more than just controlled environments. They open doors to understanding and provide researchers with the tools they need to unravel the mysteries of plant growth. By deciphering how plants respond to different conditions, researchers are helping to develop more sustainable and efficient agricultural practices.

In essence, Clitec’s Phyto Test chambers are not just about technology; they are about empowering researchers and making plant research accessible, practical and impactful. As we delve deeper into the green mysteries of plant growth, Clitec stands as a trusted companion, lighting the way to significant discoveries.