Incubators & Co. – What does Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) include?

  • Incubators such as climate or heating cabinets as well as CO2-chambers serve as innovative aids in many laboratories. The modern technology of the equipment allows working at the highest level. Laboratories should follow relevant standards such as Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). This means, among other things, creating reproducible conditions for tests and complete documentation. Clitec incubators provide optimal support to the laboratory staff. Simple programmability and reliable technology ensure efficient and precise work.

    Principles and requirements of “Good Laboratory Practice”: To which methods does GLP apply?

    “Good laboratory practice” generally serves to ensure quality and can and should be used in any laboratory environment. However, it is not mandatory for basic research. The obligation to GLP conformity refers exclusively to the preclinical studies. As soon as clinical studies are carried out on humans or animals, the requirements of the GCP (“good clinical practice”) apply. For the phase of the scale-up to industrial production, on the other hand, GMP (“good manufacturing practice”) is decisive.

    Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) are principles that are mandatory for laboratories that act as test facilities. At safety testing of substances or materials, the laboratory must provide a GLP certificate, if the results from the laboratory’s tests are to be accepted. Only if accepted, an environmental or human risk assessment, e.g. of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or plant protection products, can take place. GLP compliance is intended to ensure the quality, reliability and reproducibility of data and to ensure international acceptance.

    Examples of tests that a laboratory must carry out according to GLP principles are:

    • Conducting experiments to determine the physically-chemical properties of a substance
    • Toxicological and ecotoxicological tests
    • Testing for mutagenic effects
    • Tests for accumulation of substances in body tissues, soil, air or water
    • Residue regulations
    • Analysis of biological materials

    GLP requirements

    In order to receive official certification of GLP compliance, applicant laboratories must undergo an inspection. The inspection covers the laboratory staff, the premises and the reagents and laboratory equipment used. These devices usually also include climate simulation technology such as temperature cabinets or CO2-cabinets.

    At the staff level, GLP requires a test manager who oversees the compliance with the principles and plans the test procedures. Internal inspectors lead at fixed intervals quality assurance checks of the created laboratory procedure. In addition, there should be the appointment of quality assurance personnel to continuously monitor laboratory quality. These specialists take care of defined control points in the process, the completeness of the work instructions as well as the correct documentation and archiving of the data. The multiple-eye principle and the hierarchical structure allow to detect errors in the test procedure and to avoid them within good time.

    During the laboratory’s GLP inspection, materials, test procedures and equipment are also checked. Reagents such as starting materials, test and reference substances must be stored in a stable manner and handled correctly. The test procedure used should be validated and the staff should be trained in the execution of the test and in handling the substances. Modern laboratory equipment for the tests should be available and, depending on the test requirements, must meet the relevant standards.

    Incubators from Clitec for GLP-compliant preclinical safety testing and other applications

    As a specialist in the field of environmental simulation and laboratory technology, Clitec supplies test laboratories with incubators that are developed for GLP-compliant work. Highest measuring accuracy, reliable technology and integrated data storage functions guarantee the best support for preclinical safety tests.

    However, there are not only laboratories that are subject to GLP, but also research, industry, hospitals and clinics that benefit from the many advantages of modern laboratory equipment. With climate cabinets and temperature cabinets, environmental conditions can be simulated. Program a specific process or keep the parameters constant over a longer period of time. Modern incubators support numerous applications. Depending on the model and version, the devices allow the exact setting of:

    • Temperature and temperature gradients
    • Humidity
    • CO2 concentration
    • Light and ultraviolet component


    Climate and heating technology for industrial purposes as well as laboratory equipment for research institutions or medical practices are available as standard models. In this case, you can choose between different designs and sizes. Depending on the spatial conditions in the laboratory and the requirements of your test procedure, the devices can be configured to meet your individual needs. Whether you are cultivating cell material, carrying out microbiological tests or researching behavior under changing climatic conditions: The innovative laboratory technology brings you reliably to your goal!

    For large laboratories or applications in industrial mass production, walk-in climatic chambers may be suitable. Planning, construction and installation are optimally adapted to your needs. So you can be sure that all the requirements of your test- or production process are met. Standardized processes are possible thanks to the storage and retrieval of precisely defined programs. Your device is calibrated and reliably maintained by a comprehensive manufacturer support. You get the certificates and test seals for documentation and archiving.

    GLP incubators for testing laboratories

    Customer-oriented service – personal consultation and technical support

    Whether for research facilities, testing laboratories, hospitals or medical practices – equipment with high-quality laboratory technology provides safety. Clitec will advise you in detail on the available incubators. With a personal consultation you will find the perfect laboratory technology for your needs. Discover innovative climate chambers, warming cabinets and CO2-incubators validated for GLP compliant applications. Choose one of the standard models or choose an individual solution. Clitec works hand-in-hand with renowed manufacturers, whose products are characterized by high quality and convince with user-friendly operation.