Clitec's ULT freezer: preserving the effectiveness of vaccines

The fight against COVID-19 has led to a global vaccination campaign and the key to success lies in maintaining the effectiveness of vaccines. Clitec, a pioneer in advanced technology solutions, is playing a central role in this battle with its Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) freezer. This blog dives into the critical role of Clitec’s ULT freezer in preserving the efficacy of vaccines. We will also explore Clitec’s extensive range of ULT technology products and highlight the outstanding importance of these freezers in today’s world.

Understanding ULT freezers

Before we delve into the world of Clitec’s ULT freezer, let’s first understand what makes these specialized machines so indispensable. ULT freezers are not typical domestic appliances; they are carefully designed to meet the most demanding temperature requirements and often operate in the freezing range of -50 °C to -80 °C. These technological wonders are indispensable in scientific and industrial environments, especially for storing vaccines.


Inside the ULT freezer: essential components

A Clitec ULT freezer comprises several key components, each of which has an important function in ensuring vaccine integrity:


  1. Power supply unit: The ULT freezer relies on two energy sources: Electricity and a backup battery. A continuous power supply is essential for operation, and in the event of a power failure, the battery seamlessly takes over the setting of the emergency alarm and the temperature control alarm
  2. Operator: Human intervention is critical to the operation of the ULT freezer and is responsible for managing the doors, monitoring the temperature and the overall operation of the system.
  3. External door/access door: This door serves as the main entrance and is fitted with insulation to maintain ultra-low temperatures. It is equipped with a safety key to ensure a secure seal when locking.
  4. Inner door: The inner shelves of the freezer are surrounded by inner doors that maintain even temperatures on the shelves. When accessing the freezer, only the necessary inner door is opened, while others remain closed to protect various compartments.
  5. Seal: These airtight seals between the doors prevent warm, moist air from entering the storage area and preserve the effectiveness of the vaccines.
  6. Freezer chamber: The heart of the ULT freezer, where the complex cooling process unfolds. The freezer chamber houses the refrigerant, which is heated and then circulated through the coils at the back of the freezer to maintain the required ultra-low temperatures.
  7. Ventilation grille: The condenser behind the ventilation grille transfers the heat from the inside to the outside and ensures that the freezer stays cool. Accumulated dust on the grille can impair this heat transfer.


Regular and preventive maintenance

To maintain the reliability of a ULT freezer, regular and preventive maintenance is essential:

  • Minimize door openings: Limit the frequency and duration of door openings to minimize temperature fluctuations.
  • Effective inventory management: Implement a robust inventory management system to ensure efficient use of the freezer.
  • Pay attention: Pay close attention to warnings or messages from the system so that you can intervene quickly if necessary.
  • Use the integrated functions: Use the built-in functions and capabilities of the freezer for efficient operation.
  • Only open the necessary inner doors: To maintain temperature consistency, only open the inner doors that are required for the task.

Integration of Clitec’s ULT freezer into the vaccine pathway

As the world battles the pandemic, vaccines have become our most important defense. However, vaccines are very sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Even minor deviations from the required range can impair their effectiveness. This is where Clitec’s ULT freezer takes center stage.


Clitec’s comprehensive range of ULT products

Clitec doesn’t just offer a ULT freezer; they have a complete product range that covers different storage capacities and requirements. From compact models for smaller clinics to large scale solutions for vaccine distribution centers, Clitec’s range ensures that vaccines remain protected at all stages of their journey.

A promising future with Clitec

In these challenging times, Clitec’s commitment to vaccine preservation through its ULT freezer technology offers hope and security. Our path to recovery is well secured with Clitec’s unwavering support. With Clitec’s commitment to reliability and maintenance, vaccines remain effective and ready to protect us. The future shines brighter with Clitec’s ULT freezer at the forefront.


Clitec’s ULT freezer is not just a piece of technology; it is the guardian of vaccine efficacy. In a world where vaccines are our most important resource, Clitec’s unwavering commitment to reliability and maintenance ensures they remain our strongest shield against the pandemic. With Clitec’s support, we can emerge from this crisis stronger and more secure than ever. The future promises a brighter and healthier world, and Clitec’s ULT freezer plays a crucial role in realizing this vision.


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