All about stability chambers from Clitec: What are stability chambers?

Stability chambers play a critical role in the pharmaceutical industry by ensuring the safety, efficacy and quality of drugs and other products. These special devices allow manufacturers to test their products under various environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity and exposure to light, and determine their shelf life. In this blog, we will dive into the world of stability chambers, explore their working principles and their importance in the pharmaceutical industry. We will also explore Clitec, a renowned stability chamber solutions provider known for its reliability and advanced features.

What are stability chambers?

Stability cham bers are a subcategory of climatic test chambers and the latter is designed to test products and evaluate their performance under controlled environmental conditions. These chambers simulate real-world scenarios to ensure product quality, safety and efficacy. They can accommodate a variety of products, including pharmaceuticals, electrical components, industrial materials, cosmetics and more.

They allow users to control various parameters such as temperature, humidity, light exposure and even corrosive conditions. Different products may require different conditions for testing and stability chambers provide a convenient and efficient way to create these controlled environments.

How do they work?

The operating principle of stability chambers is based on maintaining a stable temperature and relative humidity. The chambers are equipped with sensors that continuously monitor these parameters. When the temperature changes, the amount of water that the air can absorb (relative humidity) also changes. Stability chambers automatically adjust both temperature and humidity to maintain a stable environment within the chamber.

The internal structure of the chamber is usually made of stainless steel with suitable insulation to prevent heat transfer to the external environment. The chambers have shelves to hold the products to be tested, and blowers ensure uniform air circulation and provide consistent conditions for all samples. Some chambers have a glass door that allows observation without affecting the internal temperature.

Purpose in the pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, stability chambers are of utmost importance to ensure the quality and safety of drugs. Pharmaceutical companies must determine the shelf life of their drugs under various conditions in order to comply with legal regulations. Stability testing under various conditions, such as long-term, interim and accelerated studies, helps identify potential problems and assess the stability of the drug over time.

The chambers also evaluate the integrity of the packaging, especially for drugs that are sensitive to environmental factors such as moisture or exposure to light. The results from the stability tests determine the expiration date of the drug, which is printed on the product packaging to inform consumers of its safe and effective range of use.

Best supplier of stability chambers – Clitec GmbH

Among the various suppliers of stability chamber solutions, Clitec stands out as a reliable and innovative choice. Clitec offers advanced stability chambers that meet international guidelines and industry standards. Their solutions feature microcontroller-based electronic devices and LED alarm systems to effectively monitor temperature fluctuations. The software provided by Clitec offers features such as audio trail reports, charts and comprehensive data management. With automatic data backups and secure logon systems, Clitec ensures data integrity and security. The system can handle a large number of transactions, making it suitable for a wide range of test applications.


Stability chambers are indispensable tools in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure product quality, safety and efficacy. These chambers create controlled environments to simulate real-world conditions and allow manufacturers to determine the durability and performance of their products. Clitec proves to be a leading provider of stability chamber solutions, offering reliability, accuracy and advanced features to meet the diverse needs of the pharmaceutical industry. By investing in high-quality stability chambers, pharmaceutical companies can ensure the production of safe and effective medicines, benefiting both patients and the industry as a whole.


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