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Clitec is well-known Climatic Chamber Manufacturer

Clitec is one of the popular Climatic Chamber Manufacturer offering unique services related to environmental testing. Designed and developed by the Research &Development team the compartment is engineered with the newest recreation skill to offer supreme testing knowledge to the patrons. The highly receptive touchscreen controller utilized in this compartment is hustled with entire lots of sorts; like Chamber Analytics, On-demand refrigeration, on-screen diagnostics, security alarms. It is likewise combined with networking harbors for test files storage. The types also comprise the addition with third revelry software like NI/Lab view.

Climatic Test Chamber rebuilds environmental settings

Environmental test chambers, also recognized as Climatic Test Chambers are organized, simulated spaces that rebuild environmental situations. Conditions simulate alterations besides stressors that a thing will likely meet during its dynamic time. Their aim is to check and study the lasting effects of said circumstances on industrial besides electronic yields, resources, and various mechanisms. Test results divulge things such as product deterioration and degradation and, on the other hand, product efficiency and toughness.

Types of Climatic Test Chambers provided

Test chambers are repeatedly constructed for exact drives by Climatic Test Manufacturer and so have exact names, such as AGREE, cryogenic space, thermal tremor, temperature examination, elevation, salt spray, humidity exam, walk-in besides reach-in compartments.

The common test chambers are much smaller than a room. Numerous varieties are intended to generate small places – on the instruction to a few four-sided feet instead of tens of square feet – in which separate products, elements or other possessions can be subject to organized circumstances. These circumstances can be at high or low temperatures, high or low pressure or any other variety of artificially induced atmospheric or climatic conditions.


Climatic Test Chambers allow researchers to use a wide variety of tests. Such tests are related to circumstances like sudden environmental temperature change and temperature extremes, moistness and moisture, salt spray, Ultra-Violet rays, aerial and mechanical vibrations, erosion, EMI and further. Researchers might also utilize test compartments to conduct complete durability analysis. Using test consequences, researchers can forecast possible valuable lifespan; create formulas besides fix errors earlier a product goes to the marketplace.

Products you might use each day endure this testing. Examples comprise car portions, cell phones, and other electronic products, kitchen applications, makeup, besides hand cleanser. Some of those numerous industries that depend on environmental testing comprise a drug, pharma, food processing, food wrapping, consumer possessions and facilities, automotive, engineering, besides construction.

Main Advantages of Climatic Test Chamber offered by Clitec

The main benefit with these Climatic Test Chambers is that they are extremely supple for customization. Each test follows fixed ways as per the test values and occasionally a normal climatic chamber might not be adequate to conduct a certain examination. Our engineers know this requirement and provide the maximum level of customization for example design alteration or integration with other claims like Climatic Chamber along with UTM addition, Climatic Chamber by means of Vibration Addition, etc.

As a Climatic Test Manufacturer, Clitec offers quality services to clients. We have customers all over the world who avail our services on a large scale. We offer great satisfaction to the clients without any problem.

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